Oslo innovation week 2018

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#template design

Screenshot_2018-10-02 Oslo Innovation We
Screenshot_2018-10-02 Instagram 上的 Oslo

Social media is used by millions of brands. How do you make sure your brand stands out among all the posts? How will viewers immediately recognize your post among competitors? Having a consistent eye catching visual hint is the key.

At Oslo Innovation Week 2018, I worked with a big team with no design skills. My job was to create and implement an intriguing template for social media. I had to redefine the graphic elements, set the combination of fonts and make the template ready for my teammates to use in Canva. This made all content creation, like text, image, gif animation and video easy for them to post on all topics in fun and interesting ways.  

With the team's great effort, the total social reach this year was boosted up to 24.68 million!

Below are some examples of my templates for Oslo Innovation Week's Instagram and Instagram stories.

Cross - Creators
circular economy

template for Instagram stories

The template is designed to be used in  Instagram stories framing the events.